Improve Conversion Rates & Increase Sales

Valpak offers a variety of tools you can utilize when running a direct mail advertisement campaign. These include the ability to assign unique codes to customer addresses with Address Matchback, Customer Targeting to cater different ads to different types of customers, and Multi-Offer Testing, which lets you run a number of different ad types to see which ones perform best.


Address Matchback

Address matchback incorporates unique codes and data matching to measure consumer response and identity profitable consumers for future marketing campaigns. Advertisers have the ability to include offer controls, such as one-time use barcodes, that further increase transaction security and limit offer redemptions.

Customer Targeting

We leverage your brand affinity to increase sales transactions and lifetime value. By giving your customers different ads based on their statuses, you’ll improve return on investment and add more current clients to your database.

Multi-Offer Testing

Running a multi-offer test mailing enables you to determine the design, offer, or message that performs best with your customers. The data and statistics provided validate changes to your ad and improve your conversion rates.

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