Get to know your audience! Below you’ll find a variety of statistics and averages on the customers you can reach in Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan areas. In addition, we provide an overview of some of our robust marketing tools that allow you to target the customers you want based on a virtually endless list of custom factors.

What Valpak Consumers Look Like

Below you’ll find statistics and averages on both West Michigan and National consumers: who they are, how much they earn, and more. This will better serve you in knowing who is receiving and using your marketing materials, and also help in choosing who to target.

Nationwide Coupon Usage

Coupon use remains high, according to Valassis. The demographic showing the most growth year after year is millennials— showing a 6.8% increase since 2016. 30% of consumers report an increase in their use of paper coupons for 2017, making it the most popular way to save in-store.

 AllMillennialsGen-XersBaby Boomers
All Coupons90%94%90%89%
Mail Coupons86%89%85%85%
Printed Coupons79%84%80%76%
* Valassis Coupon Intelligence 2017
  • 20% of consumers say coupons are their primary influence on purchasing decisions.
  • 77% of consumers decide which store to shop at based on whether or not a store has coupons.
  • 86% of consumers make purchases based on whether or not they have a discount of some kind.

Consumer Demographics

Many people are surprised to discover the demographics of the average coupon user– as studies and surveys have found, coupon users tend to be more affluent consumers with disposable income. This means that as a business offering discounts, you’re far more likely to target consumers with strong purchasing power.

  • Consumers with college degrees are 2X more likely to use coupons than those who did not graduate high school.
  • Similarly, household incomes of $100k+ are 2X more likely to use coupons than those earning less than $35k.
  • 90% of buyers with a household income of over $100k report using coupons.
  • 67.12% of Valpak consumers are college educated.

West Michigan Valpak Consumers

So who’s seeing your marketing? It’s important to know your customers! We have a firm grasp on who and what West Michigan is all about, and we’d love to help you learn who your potential customers are.

  • Valpak of West Michigan mails to 160,000+ homes every month.
  • Our mailing territory spans 16 areas in West Michigan.
  • West MI Valpak consumers report an average household income of $86,390.
  • 30.98% of West MI Valpak consumers attended college for 1-3 years; 36.14% attended college for 4 or more years.

Target the Customers You Want

We offer a variety of intelligent targeting options for businesses, based on our incredibly intricate demographic, geographic, and consumer data.


Valpak uses a robust and intelligent profiling and demographic system that allows our customers to target the consumers they want to reach, as well as tailor their ads separately depending on the mailing area. We maintain a database featuring a variety of data including Social Rank, Household Composition, Mobility, Age, Ethnicity, Urbanization, Housing, Income, and more.


Our profiling method goes beyond traditional demographic profiling (such as by age or income) to “cluster” characteristics together (i.e. Affluence and Urbanization) and also capture the “interaction” between those characteristics. For example, not all households should necessarily be scored the same, as urbanization and income may also play a key role in defining the best target households.

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