Valpak Coupon Lookbook

The Physiology Behind Great Coupon Design

Valpak is the expert when it comes to coupons. There’s a certain blend of science and creativity that goes into creating coupons that get redeemed—a balanced blend involving images, offer, copy, and layout.

We want to help you get the highest coupon redemption possible, so we developed the Coupon Lookbook just for you. In it you’ll find tips and tricks about coupon design that will help you offer the most appealing and enticing coupons from your business, increasing your exposure, sales and ROI.


Valpak Quick Submission Guide

A Brief Overview of How to Design & Submit Your Ad

Ready to submit your ad? Want us to create it for you? Check out this short guide on how to prepare images, logos, and ad copy when you’re ready to go.

On the reverse side, we’ll introduce you to our OHIO system, an easy guide for getting the most out of your ad.


Direct Mail Advertising

Grow Your Business with the Blue Envelope

Valpak is the most recognized direct mail advertising program there is. Eight in 10 (82%) households* receiving the Blue Envelope open and look through the coupon offers. Our team continuously researches new and innovative direct mail formats to create unique products that draw the eyes of consumers and the envy of your competitors. Choose from a variety of direct mail solutions: eye-catching coupons, loyalty cards, flyers and other memorable print pieces. Make an unmistakable impression with an on-envelope ad or a solo direct mail campaign targeted to the households you value most.


Digital Marketing

Ride the New Wave of Successful Marketing

Long gone are the days of working with multiple marketing companies and keeping track of different bills and contracts. Valpak Media Solutions helps you manage your entire web presence including your website, search advertising and social!
Your Valpak marketing consultant is your expert in online advertising solutions and digital marketing trends. We can offer you everything from a business listing profile page optimized for desktop and mobile, or a complete website. As a Google AdWords SMB partner, Valpak is exceptionally positioned to help your site get found on Google and other top search engines with digital marketing and more.

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